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About Smalte

Smalte Conveying Solutions supplies superior conveying, elevating and automation systems for manufacturing industry. We are committed to providing reliable, high quality service and solutions, but without the premium pricing. We achieve this through years of industry experience, proven innovative solutions, with a desire for our customers to get the very best out of their production facilities.

What it means for you

Our solutions are created to optimise productivity, and do it reliably, day in day out, year after year. We support you through concept and development stages, and stay with you to make sure you achieve your objectives. And it won't break the bank.

Who is using Smalte, and why?

Multinational manufacturers of food products, automotive parts, paper products, bottles, pharmaceuticals, and other high volume consumer goods.

There are many reasons to use us, but the same feedback tends to come up time after time:

  • Great service & support
  • Great products and solutions
  • Great price

Talk to us about YOUR manufacturing requirements.

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