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Bottle Handling Solutions


Smalte provides some of the smoothest, most flexible conveying available for the handling of plastic bottles. We achieve this through:


  • Disc bends (low-speed lines) - for long, smooth conveyors, as well as providing maximum flexibility of layout for blow moulder outfeeds
  • Large radius bends (high-speed lines) - with option for in-line / side transfer system (for the most reliable transfer of unstable bottles)
  • Fully adjustable guide-rail systems
  • Chain tight against side of conveyor body - for smoother transfers
  • 3-dimensional layouts, delivering bottles between different manufacturing floors & departments; solutions include squeeze (wedge) elevators, and alpine systems


Special solutions, including:

  • elevators
  • puck handling for unstable bottles
  • raise/lower mechanisms
  • brakes
  • diverts and
  • anti-static solutions


Smalte's bottle handling conveyors offer smooth handling, for a life-time of reliable service

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